Fuwafuwa means a very soft feeling, and it seems to float like clouds in the blue sky. It’s happy feeling.


Lolita Fashionista,Model,Singer
Birthday party event / Dec.09.2018.
She’s lovely dress is lolita style of japanese little old days.


Emi Arisaka

Lolita Fashionista,Singer
Producer of Lolita Brand “Strawberry WarS”

Emi Arisaka
harajuku fuwafuwa

If everybody on this planet were to wear kawaii clothes made in Tokyo, eat kawaii delicious sweets, take selfies and upload them onto an SNS, no one would fight with each other, would they? Fighting is just disgusting. Harajuku fuwafuwa wants to contribute to world peace. We know that we are being idealistic in attempting to achieve the unrealistic, but somebody has to or the world would be a dreary place.
We are looking for those who will join us as writes, bloggers, photographers, and so on. Please feel free to contact us should you be interested.

Fuwafuwa Team

  • 8845

    An independent Japanese filmmaker/ scenario writer studying at Waseda University in Tokyo, who likes Japanese cute/kawaii culture and Harajuku. Scheduled to study abroad next year and looking forward to seeing the world and meeting people from all backgrounds.

    Contact to monicakatemiller@gmail.com
    Twitter: @SandyMi97502438

  • yamaji

    Born on October 26, 1999 in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan.
    Entered the entertainment business at the age of 14 as a model and idol. Involved in activities using social networks to make a name.
    Transferred from a high school in Kagawa Prefecture to one in Tokyo at 17.
    Since then, have widened the range of activities from fashion and photo modeling to being a YouTuber and SNS.
    Wish to create a company that will encourage and support people striving to realize their dreams.

    Risa Yamaji
  • akane

    I am mainly doing modelling in the Kansai area.
    I do not have that much experience as a model, but I want to improve myself as a model and as a person through various work experiences.
    Also, I want to add to the excitement of the Lef Clefs d'or Collection and make it more famous. Using my strengths, high motivation and optimism, I want to see worlds I have yet to experience.

    Akane Sano
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We are looking around Shibuya,Harajuku, looking for interesting things…





Cos Play



Red being fashion show

Sep.16,2018 / Les clefs d’or Collection

Red clothes are good, aren’t they?

Gegege no Kitaro foodie


Anime collaboration wear produced by Favorite. “Gegege no Kitaro” is very famous manga.


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